Temperature manager

Michael Medin

Temperature manager

Homey temperature manager is designed to make it easy to manage temperatures inside your home. You can set thresholds and get alerts whenever the tempertature in a zone goes outside the thresholds. There is also cards for when the termperature in a zone changes as well as when the minimum and maximum of a zone is changed. You also get two virtual thermometers for each zone which shows you both current values and daily averages of temperature, maximum and minimum). * Configure which zones and devices should be monitored on the settings page. * Add a flow with the desired actions when the toowarm and toocold alarms are triggered. * Detailed instructions can be found on the Instructions tab in the apps settings.
What's new in v1.1.0
Added virtual devices for zone temperatures

Supported devices

Virtual thermometer for current values.
Virtual thermometer for daily averages.


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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