The Talks with Homey program

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As manufacturer of smart devices, you want everyone to know about your products to improve sales and grow your business.

Homey connects over 50.000 devices from over 1.000 major brands. Customers nowadays expect that your devices work with Homey.

While any developer can create a Homey app and publish it to the Homey App Store, the Talks with Homey program is meant for manufacturers that want a front-row experience for their customers.

For manufacturers

The Talks with Homey program is an additional level available for manufacturers, that sets a higher standard of requirements, and a more in-depth certification process. This ensures a greater quality and customer satisfaction.

Talks with Homey Brands have a Verified-badge next to their name.

In return, your product’s visibility will be greatly improved, increasing it’s marketing value. Customers come to us for inspiration, on what to buy next, and which devices to connect. Not having your product as a visible option means your products will be found less.

Benefits & Requirements

Manufacturers that have successfully applied to the Talks with Homey program will gain:

To be approved for the Talks with Homey program, manufacturers must:

  • Develop & maintain their own Homey App. Read the documentation »
  • Support new products within 2 weeks after launching.
  • Display the Talks with Homey label on their website. Browse assets »
  • Handle support inquiries from customers related to the integration.

Apply now

To apply for the Talks with Homey program, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

If you have limited development capacity available, we can help you with finding a specialised development firm to develop your Homey App for you. Contact us for the possibilities.

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