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Homey connects all your devices at home.
Use your own creativity and reinvent your house.

When it’s movie time,
close the curtains.
When Netflix starts,
dim the lights with 40%.
When the movie is halfway,
pause TV for 5 minutes.
When the sun sets,
set color to orange.
When it’s Sunday morning,
play relaxation playlist.
When dinner is ready,
cast fireplace to TV.
When everyone has left the house, lock the door.
When smoke is detected,
flash the lights.
When motion is detected and nobody is home, wail the alarm.
When power usage is high,
send me a push notification.
When nobody is home,
turn off all devices.
When I go to bed,
turn down the thermostat.
When luminance is >20lx, set brightness to 40%.
When Dad comes home,
play Star Wars Imperial March.


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With Homey, you decide how all your devices at home work together. Let your creativity flow and create a home that feels like you.

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