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Homey Pro

The Next Generation of Smart Home.

Years ahead of the competition. Packed with state-of-the-art technology. The all-new Homey Pro is the world's most advanced smart home hub.


New technologies and increased performance.

  • Wi-Fi

    5 GHz / 2.4 Ghz b/g/n/ac New
  • Matter1 New

  • Z-Wave Plus

    700 Series New
  • 433 MHz2

  • Bluetooth

    Low Energy 5.0 New
  • Thread New

  • Zigbee

    Zigbee 3.0 New
  • Infrared

Wireless Range

Reaching further than ever.


Up to
Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)


Up to
Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)


Up to
Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)

433 MHz1

Up to
Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)

Powerful Hardware

Stunning performance upgrades highly increase the performance of Homey Pro.

1.8 GHz Quad Core ARMv8

CPU Speed

Up to
Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)


Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)
8 GB eMMC Flash


Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Homey Pro (Early 2019)

Locally Connected.

The reliability of wired connectivity, with the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter. Purchase together with Homey Pro during checkout.

Satellite Mode

Extend Homey Pro with Homey Bridge to extend wireless coverage throughout your entire home. Zigbee & Z-Wave enhance your mesh network as repeaters, 433 MHz1 & Infrared control the nearest devices.

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Everything Local

Homey Pro does everything on-premise, to take advantage of the lowest latency and highest reliability. The cloud is only used when absolutely necessary.

Always up — even when your internet is down.

Homey Pro processes everything locally, so it's always up, even when your internet is down.

Connect Homey with LAN devices.

Homey Pro can communicate with your LAN-only devices such as Google Chromecast.

Port Forwarding

Connect directly to Homey Pro when you're outside your home.

Local API Keys

Allow API access from anywhere without the cloud.

Local Backups

Backup Homey Pro's entire storage —system and settings— to a Mac or PC.
Save & manage your backups anywhere. Roll-back anytime to any time.

Cloud Backups

An unbreakable Homey Pro for just $ 10 per year.

Stay safe with Homey Pro Backups. Your entire smart home is backed up automatically, and you can rollback at any time.

Buy Homey Pro Backups

Backup created
Backup created
Planned at 02:00
Planned at 02:00

Advanced Flow

The most advanced way to automate, now built-in with no additional costs.

Learn more


Take a deep dive with HomeyScript on Homey Pro.
Utilize Homey Pro's Web API to create personalized HomeyScripts for any advanced usecase.

INNR White & Color
Philips Hue White & Color
Philips Hue Iris
IKEA Trådfri E27


// Toggle all lights on/off const devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices();   for (const device of Object.values(devices)) {  if (device.class === 'light') {   const onoff = device.capabilitiesObj.onoff.value;   await device.setCapabilityValue('onoff', !onoff);   log(`✅ Toggled ${}`);  } }
✅ Toggled Philips Hue White & Color ✅ Toggled IKEA Trådfri E27 ✅ Toggled Philips Hue Iris ✅️ Toggled INNR White & Color


Unofficially cool.

Our engineers love to create new things, but we can't always support everything the official way. Experiments are where their ideas are born — designed for you.

Power user

Power user

Unlock more Flow-cards for system management, and log system performance to Homey Insights.

Virtual Devices

Virtual Devices

Add an unlimited number of virtual devices to Homey Pro. Buttons, switches and IP Cams are at your fingertips.



Our legal department said we cannot mention this one. But let's say we're a fan of apples.



Remotely login to a Linux sandbox for all your geeky desires.

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Available at $ 399

Homey Pro Homey Pro with Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter

Choose add-ons

Optional add-ons for the ultimate smart home.

Choose your Homey.

Whether you prefer a subscription or a one-time purchase, there's always a Homey for you.



$ 2.99/mo

$ 399

Mobile App
Web App
Advanced Flow
Official Apps
Community Apps
433 MHz1
Local Wi-Fi
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Siri Shortcuts
Nerd Stuff
Logic & Variables
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Which apps are available for the new Homey Pro?

Most apps are available for Homey Pro (Early 2023). Apps that have not yet been updated to Apps SDK v3 won’t work until the developer updates their app. All developers are notified of this requirement.

Because incompatible apps will clearly show a warning in the Homey App Store, we advise to check this first.

Is Advanced Flow available for the new Homey Pro?

Yes, Advanced Flow is included without extra cost in the new Homey Pro.

Can I use the new Homey Pro together with Homey Bridge?

Yes, and this is called Satellite Mode. Homey Pro can use one or more Homey Bridges to extend the wireless range of Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433 MHz1 & Infrared.

Is the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter required?

Homey Pro works great on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, but for an even more stable connection we offer the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter for additional purchase.

Can the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter be purchased later?

Yes, the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter will be available for sale separately in time.

Can I use a different Ethernet adapter with the new Homey Pro?

While this might work, third party USB-C ethernet adapters are not officially supported.

Can I restore a backup of my Homey Pro (2016 — 2019) to the new Homey Pro?

Yes, migration from a previous-generation Homey Pro (2016 — 2019) to a new Homey Pro (Early 2023) is supported, including all your Devices, Flows, Insights, Apps, Users etc.

Note that SDK v2 apps won’t work until they have been updated and Zigbee devices have to be manually repaired one-by-one.

How does the new Homey Pro differ per region?

The new Homey Pro is the same everywhere. The antennas will switch dynamically based on local regulations. When you order, you will automatically receive the right packaging and power adapter based on the shipping country.

Is Homey Pro also available in the US & Canada?

Yes. The new Homey Pro is now available in the US and Canada, with US Z-Wave frequencies and a US power adapter.

Will Homey (2016 — 2019) and Homey Pro (Early 2019) keep receiving updates?

Of course!

Does the new Homey Pro have a speaker?

The new Homey Pro does not have a speaker anymore. We strongly believe it's a much better experience to use dedicated speakers for both text-to-speech and sound effects (e.g. Sonos).

Which power adapter do I receive when ordering the new Homey Pro?

When you order, you will automatically receive the right packaging and power adapter based on the shipping country.

How long will the new Homey Pro receive updates?

Homey Pro will receive software updates for at least 5 years after release. That means that Homey Pro will be supported until at least 1/1/2028.

  • Matter is awaiting certification by the Connectivity Standards Alliance.
  • Due to differences in regulations between regions, 433 MHz transmission is currently disabled on Homey Pro and Homey Bridge in the USA and Canada.