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Robbert Vis

Get more out of data for in flows

Always wanted to know how long your device is running or how much energy it used? With this app you can compare these (or basically any kind of number) data in Homey. Current features: - Start/Stop duration (Calculate time in between) - Start/Stop comparison with value - (Calculate difference of numbers) - Convert number to currency - Calculation with 2 numbers ([+] [-] [/] [*]) - Convert number to number with decimals
What's new in v1.1.5
FIX: deletion of variables

Flow cards


Flow Utilities
Start duration for variable
Set the begin value for the duration comparison.
Flow Utilities
Stop duration for variable
Make comparison with the start value set earlier. The outcome will be set in "{variable} duration".
Flow Utilities
Start comparison with start value for variable
Set Start value for comparison, this can be used in the end card
Flow Utilities
Compare with end value end value for variable
Make sure the start value card has been set before, with the end value the difference is made and stored in "{variable} difference".
Flow Utilities
Convert number to currency add to variable
Convert a number value to selected currency. Outcome will be stored in "{variable} currency".
Flow Utilities
Calculate number 1 select calculation number 2 add to variable
For example use the difference of energy device and multiply with kWh price. Will be stored in "{variable} calculation".
Flow Utilities
Convert number to number with decimals decimals and add to variable
For example to convert numbers with 4 decimals to a number with only 2 decimals


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