Hoppe Z-wave Handles

Johan Bendz

Adds support for Hoppe Z-wave Handles.

This App adds support for Hoppe SecuSignal Window/Door Handles with Z-wave technology. Hoppe SecuSignal Window/Door Handle devices can also be found mounted in a number of known Window brands, such as: - Elitfönster (swedish brand) - ERA fönster (swedish brand) What’s new v1.1.2 Added support for Swedish language (not yet implemented by Athom) Added Z-wave to the main title of the app to clarify the product used in the app. v1.1.1 No issues reported, going to stable version. All development will be handled in beta branch until next stable release. v1.1.0 First official release. - Reports open/closed status for the handle. - Reports battery status for the handle. If you experience a bug please report it here: https://github.com/JohanBendz/se.hoppe.secu/issues

Supported devices

Door/Window handle sensor


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