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The first Community Event of 2018 - a recap
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The first Community Event of 2018 - a recap

Last Saturday we hosted the first Community Event of 2018. After meeting members from our community on various occasions the past few years, we're always happy to host these events to explain what we've been up to and what we'll be focusing on in the (near) future. Find out what we've talked about!

Our community

We always try to bring people together and engage in interesting conversation to discuss what we're doing with Homey. Our community has been with us every step of the way, so we try to get their input on as many things possible. This event, we talked about the new Talks with Homey store, reflected on some of our milestones and achievements of the past year and even gave a preview of the new Homey Smartphone App! We were happy to see so many people come from all over the Netherlands to attend the event.

Athom Homey Community event 2018 - Emile Nijssen and the new smartphone app

For us it's especially important to host these events, because we want to be open and clear in our communication towards our users. We're fond of our community, and appreciate all the work they do (and have done) for Homey. We feel it's important to keep users and developers in the loop of what's happening to the product that's so very important in their day to day lives.

Athom Homey Community event 2018

Updates and progress

What a wonderful community we have! Time and time again you guys show up and proof that you want the best for Homey. A group of very involved developers and users showed up and gave us their feedback on the updates and direction we're headed. We discussed our progress and told them about our plans to partner up with even more smart home manufacturers in the future. A development we're very excited about and, judging by your reactions, you as well!

Talks with Homey

As some of you might have noticed, we took Talks with Homey to the next level. Whereas it used to be a place for inspiration, it has now developed into a full-grown store. More on this subject in a blog post next week. In the meantime you should really check it out!

Athom Homey Community event 2018 - Talks with Homey store

As a kick-off we gave away a €100,- gift certificate to the winner of the Homey quiz.

The new Homey Smartphone App

Something you might have heard about before: the new Homey Smartphone App is coming! We engaged in conversation about some of the design choices and showed mockups of what it will look like. We were very happy with the positive response from you, our users. It inspired us to try and make it even better!

Athom Homey Community event 2018 - the new smartphone app


Lastly, we discussed the Web API. Jeroen, our lead developer, did a live coding session in which he explained the functionality and the way it works. Essentially, it allows devices and services to also control Homey, rather than just the other way around. A good example of this are the speech integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We're curious to what developers will do with this in the future.

Athom Homey Community event 2018 - the web api


The event concluded with a few drinks and laughter. It was good to see a lot of familiar, and even more unfamiliar faces! Thank you for all your questions and feedback, and we're looking forward to meeting you next time. Want to make sure you don't miss out on the invitation? Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media.

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