SMA Solar

Richard Barkestam

Monitor your SMA Solar devices

This Homey app allows you to monitor your SMA solar devices using the modbus and speedwire protocols. Supported devices - Inverters - Sunny Boy Storage - Energy Meter (incl. Home Manager 2) - Energy Summary Inverters Ambition is to support all inverters manufactured by SMA. Sunny Boy Storage Shows operational status, battery, charge, discharge, power drawn, grid feed-in and battery capacity of Sunny Boy Storage products using the modbus protocol. Energy Meter The Energy Meter device type supports both the Energy Meter and the Home Manager 2.0 products. Both products generate the same multicast datagrams required to access the built-in meter information. This device type will be recognized in Homey as a smart meter and visualized properly on the energy tab. Energy Summary The Energy Summary is a virtual device that gathers information from inverter and energy meter devices registered in your Homey. It will only display information from inverters and energy meter devices from this app. It shows four values; PV Power, Grid Power, Battery Power, and Consumption. PVOutput Report your inverter(s) status to For support with any device type please use the community provided in section below
What's new in v2.1.3
More accurate daily yield reported to

Supported devices

Energy Meter
Sunny Boy Storage
Energy summary


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