PaperTrails Log

Geurt Dijker

This app creates a text log

This app makes it possible to add time based logging to your flow’s and send logs to a standard SysLog server. Use it for example with the Email sender to send plain text logs. ( ) // Trigger Logging to PaperTrails from HomeyScript let HomeyScript = await Homey.apps.getApp({ id: ‘nu.dijker.papertrails’ } ); HomeyScript.apiPost(‘log’, { log:‘Hello World of HomeyScript!’} ); Version 0.6.0 - German translation by PhilSniff - several updates to Fix on Homey firmware v2.0 - Removed option to import Z-wave logs - Hide Download Button on Mobile Interface (pls Go to Developers site) - Temporary hide Maintenance panel (as it doesn’t work in 2.0) Version 0.5.0 and before - add Filter option on Log viewer - cleanup some code - Remove option to choose not to append! - Enter only one 0 to ignore or stop logging (after adding Logging to all flows). - fixed someting with the Z-Wave import. - Changed separator between time and log to - Added an App name, Prefix first word with $ to have a App Name Time - AppName - Message - Added option to send to syslog. - Added Magic! Adding & Removing Logging to All Flows with a PreFix. - Migrating Flows from Simple Log - Added api/log to Log something from fe HomeyScript - Converted Settings to two Objects & some Cleanup - Fixed “Report an issue” Link to Own GitHub - Magnetic Snap on Scroll to end - Choose between time format ** Normal Seconds ** Precise milliseconds ** Geek format Zulu Time - Updated for SDK2 - Again re-designed Settings page, now for Mobile - Logging time with milliseconds - Configurable max. number of loglines - Added Timestamping Logs in the form of YYYY-MM-DD [LogText] - Added Condition logging: - C: Add to the Log (Condition is always True) - Added Actions with corresponding triggers: - A: Clear the Log - T: The log is Cleared - A: Trigger a Flow - T: This Flow is Tiggered - A: Remove oldest % of Log / A: Remove log older than # Hours - T: The log is Truncated - T: PaperTrails at Max. configured Lines - T: PaperTrails greater than ## Lines Features For more information and examples go to the [PaperTrails topic on the Athom Forum] ( and create Issues (bug reports, feature requests) on Github ( ) If you like my work, Buy me a beer! ##Version History: Online Version History To Do - Finish i18n and translations - any suggestions? Licensing PaperTrails is free for non-commercial use only. If you wish to use the app in a company or commercially, you must purchase a site-license by contacting the Author. P Please consider the environment before printing your virtual Papertrails


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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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