Bob Kersten

Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey.

FEATURES * Self-explanatory flow cards for easy integration of timers, stopwatches and transitions in your home automation, * Create timers, stopwatches and transitions directly from flow cards, no need for a prior configuration, * Start timers with a duration in milliseconds (fractional seconds), seconds, minutes, hours or days, * Start stopwatches without a predefined end time, * Start transitions to gradually change a device parameter over time, * Trigger flows at exact timer- or stopwatch durations with millisecond (fractional seconds) precision, * Pause and resume timers, stopwatches and transitions with action cards or from within settings, * Support for random or computed durations or adjustments using simple math expressions, * All timers, stopwatches and transitions are persistent across Homey restarts, * Target multiple timers, stopwatches and transitions at once using wildcards in supported cards. SIMPLE MATH EXPRESSIONS The start, resume and adjust action cards have built-in support for simple math expressions. This allows for random or computed timer and stopwatch durations, including calculations based on token values. For example: ceil(99.5) / 5 pick(1, 3, 5, 9) * 2 random(10, 30) abs(-10) In addition to basic math expressions, the following functions are supported: * abs(x) - calculate the absolute value of a number, * ceil(x) - rounds a number up to the next whole number, * floor(x) - rounds a number down to the previous whole number, * round(x) - rounds a number towards the nearest whole number, * random(min, max) - a random number larger or equal to min and smaller than max, * min(x, y) - the lowest number from the supplied list, * max(x, y) - the largest number from the supplied list, * pick(x, y[, n]) - pick a random value from the supplied list. HOMEYSCRIPT In addition to the available flow cards, timers and stopwatches can also be controlled using [HomeyScript]( For example, this script will stop all running timers: let app = await Homey.apps.getApp({id:'nl.fellownet.chronograph'}); app.apiGet('/timers').then(result => { let timers = JSON.parse(result); timers.forEach(timer => { app.apiDelete('/timers/' +; }); }); * GET /timers - retrieve a list of all active timers, * GET /timers/:id - retrieve a single timer, * PUT /timers/:id - pause or resume a timer, * DELETE /timers/:id - stops a timer. * GET /stopwatches - retrieve a list of all active timers, * GET /stopwatches/:id - retrieve a single timer, * PUT /stopwatches/:id - pause or resume a timer, * DELETE /stopwatches/:id - stops a timer. * GET /transitions - retrieve a list of all active transitions, * GET /transitions/:id - retrieve a single transition, * PUT /transitions/:id - pause or resume a transition, * DELETE /transitions/:id - stops a transition.
What's new in v1.1.1
Ability to delay the execution of flows. Additional tokens for transition cards. Simplified monitoring of timers, stopwatches and transitions.

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