Sony BRAVIA Android TV

Ricardo Snoek

Adds support for Sony BRAVIA Android TV's.

[Build Status] SONY BRAVIA ANDROID TV This app adds support for Sony BRAVIA Android TV devices in Homey. For usage instructions, please follow the in-app instructions page available during pairing and setup. Known issues None Confirmed Supported devices: 2017 Models - A1E OLED - A1 OLED Unconfirmed supported devices: 2018 Models - A9F OLED - Z9F LCD - A8F OLED - X900F/XF90 2017 Models - XE94 - XE93 - XE90 2016 Models - X Series - W Series - R Series 2015 Models - X Series - W Series - R Series 2014 Models - X Series - W Series - R Series Flows: Triggers: - Powered on - Powered off - Netflix started - HDMI input changed [Hdmi1 - Hdmi4] - Numpad input received [Num0 - Num9] - Options opened - Electronic Program Guide opened - Enter command received Actions: - Turn on - Turn off - Toggle on or off - One channel up - One channel down - Turn volume up - Turn volume down - Mute the volume - Unmute the volume - Start Netflix - Set HDMI input [Hdmi1 - Hdmi4] - Open Options - Open Electronic Program Guide - Send Enter command - Numpad input [Num0 - Num9] Supported Languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) NOTE: Future releases will support media playback flow actions through a third-party Android TV application. For now only simple flow actions are available. Change Log: v1.0.4 - Releasing app to the public v1.0.3 - Added custom triggers for default Channel up, Channel down, Volume up, Volume down, Muted, Unmuted - Made pairing screens full viewport height - Removed Wake-on-LAN setting, as it did not function properly and can’t be fixed at this moment - Added setUnavailable message when authentication with the TV fails v1.0.2 - Fixes cases where capabilities timeout, because asynchronous functions are never resolved. - Should now successfully trigger Turned on and Turned off flow triggers, also related to asynchronous functions. v1.0.1 - Added node_modules to the repository because Homey does not automatically restore them. v1.0.0 ITITIAL RELEASE: Initial release of all basic Sony BRAVIA Android TV functionality available through their SOAP API.

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Sony BRAVIA Android TV


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