ZeverCloud Solar Power

Edwin Biemond

Read solar output from zeversolar/zervercloud

# ZeverCloud Solar Power for Homey When you connect your ZeverSolar device to the ZeverCloud you can use this homey app for retrieving the 5 minute values of your solar panels and use this in your Homey home automation flows. Like charging your car or start your washing machine when there is enough solar power. ## Device Every ZeverSolar plant is a device which you can monitor in homey. ### Retrieving the api key of a plant When you go this page https://www.zevercloud.com/station/update and add step 5 you can get the api key of your plant. Use this api key as input for this app. ## Flows ### triggers - PowerAbove100W - PowerAbove500W - PowerAbove1000W - PowerIs0W ### conditions - is_generating - generating_output - minimal, under 100W - ok, between 100 & 500W" - better, between 500 & 1000W - nice, between 1000 & 1500W - super, between 1500 & 2000W - chill, between 2000 & 3000W - awesome, between 3000 & 4000W
What's new in v0.0.8
Support for generating power on the energy, had to rename measure_power-current to measure_power to support this, requires reinstall of your device so the values shows up again.

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