Homey as Z-Wave Controller

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A Z-Wave controller or Z-Wave hub is the heart of your smart home. It’s the central point for all your Z-Wave devices to talk to, and connects Z-Wave devices to your Wi-Fi network, your phone and to you.

Every Z-Wave network needs a Z-Wave controller. The controller manages the network, allows devices to be added and runs the home automation schemes. Homey is also a Z-Wave controller, as Z-Wave is one of the six wireless technologies in Homey.

Choosing your Z-Wave controller is arguably the most important part when automating your home with the Z-Wave technology. The controller you choose determines what you can and cannot do. It is also the user interface for your home. We strongly recommend to choose a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use controller. Compared to your whole smart home, the price difference between controllers is fairly small. The controller is the heart of your installation, and you will use it for years.

Homey is a very potent Z-Wave controller
Homey is a very potent Z-Wave controller

Z-Wave controller possibilities of Homey

Homey holds a lot of powerful Z-Wave possibilities. With its Z-Wave Plus chipset, Homey is able to communicate with almost all Z-Wave products directly. Often, this communication is also extra secured, making sure no-one can listen in or disturb the connection.

As Z-Wave controller, Homey is able to link with many popular Z-Wave brands like Fibaro, Qubino, Aeotec, TKB Home and Sensative, as well as lesser-known brands like Neo Coolcam or Heiman. All these devices feature device-specific pairing wizards, can be controlled anywhere in the world through the Homey app and can be included in your Homey Flows for home automation.

Homey is one of the most powerful Z-Wave controllers on the market. It can hold up to 230 Z-Wave devices in its network – the maximum the Z-Wave standard allows. Homey also features support for more advanced Z-Wave features. For instance, you can set custom association groups and adjust advanced Z-Wave parameters – all from the Homey smartphone app.

More than Z-Wave

Homey is not just a powerful Z-Wave controller. By also featuring Zigbee, 433MHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even Infrared, Homey is able to bridge the gap between the Z-Wave world and many other smart home technologies. As such, it’s very simple to make your Z-Wave motion sensor trigger a Zigbee light bulb, for instance. Your TV, Sonos, Philips Hue and Somfy blinds can all work in sync when you press the Fibaro Button.

The Homey smartphone app allows for easy configuration of all things Z-Wave and non-Z-Wave

The smartphone app sets Homey further apart from other Z-Wave controllers. You can manage everything in Homey from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. Designed for everyday use, the app also packs all the advanced features of Homey and Z-Wave. User management, device pairing, Flow automation, Z-Wave parameter settings and energy management are just some examples of Homeys mobile capabilities.

Another big differentiator is Homey’s open app platform. Every integration in Homey is an app, just like apps on your smartphone. Apps are created, updated and released almost daily, expanding Homey’s capabilities.

Together, they make Homey so much more than a potent Z-Wave controller. That’s why we invite you to discover the world of Homey.

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