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Wouldn't it be nice if your lights turned on, the thermostat set itself to ‘comfort’ mode, and your curtains open automatically to welcome you home? Then we have good news, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be connected to Homey!

Create your very own Flows that connect your front door with the rest of your smart home. LOQED secures your house, and knows when you're home, Homey does the rest.

Your Personal Doorman

Use the LOQED App on Homey to create your own Flows. Have your Philips Hue Lights and Netatmo thermostat turn on when you get home and automatically turn them off when you leave the house. Connect your video doorbell to your smart lock and remotely let the delivery man in. Don’t forget to lock the door again when he’s gone. 

Combine the Night Lock mode with a ‘Good Night’ Flow and have Homey turn your heating, lights, Sonos speakers, and Samsung TV off. If you're using Google Home you can even start the Flow with a voice command, “Hey Google, Activate Good Night”. Ideal, because a good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold.

100% keyless

From now on you can enter with a simple touch, thanks to the innovative Touch to Open technology. The lock uses your smartphone as the key, just approach your door and just touch the lock to open the door. Thanks to the two sensors in the lock, it knows if you are inside or outside, so your door will never accidentally open / unlock.

Not carrying your phone with you or, god forbid, is the battery empty? No worries, with Code Access and Emergency Power, you always have a way of getting inside.

Away from home? Always feel safe

Forgot to lock your door? Thanks to automatic locking functions, you never have to worry about it. LOQED's software is protected by 256 bit end-to-end encryption. To make it extra secure, LOQED cannot access the digital keys of users. It therefore meets the requirements that insurers set for home insurance. For this reason it has been awarded the SKG three-star certificate.

Check if your door is compatible with the LOQED installation check. Installation can be completed in 20 minutes and requires just a screwdriver - no drilling required. 

Looking to smarten up your home security? Check out the LOQED Touch Smart Lock in the Homey Store and discover the countless Flows you can create that start with your smart lock.

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