Led It Be

Bob Kersten

Adds a screensaver that can be configured using flows.

Adds a screensaver to your Homey that can be configured using flows. Usage In the LED Ring section of the settings, set Led It Be as your screensaver. The effects will be visible once the screensaver kicks in, and keep on running while the screensaver is active. Features - Configure the screensaver to resemble the state of your home, such as “Armed” or “All lights off”, - Use one of the provided patterns, such as “Lighthouse” or “Stroboscope” for visual effects, - Use the color picker from the flows editor to select any RGB color you want. Contributing To submit a bug report or feature request, please create an issue at GitHub. If you’d like to contribute code to this project, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md document. Support If you like this project, perhaps you can support us by making a donation? - Paypal: Donate Credits Application image by Paola Galimberti on Unsplash. Changelog v1.0.3 - Color correction for better rgb accuracy. v1.0.2 - Linked app to community forum. - Tweaks to the authors section of the manifest. - Changed the app icon. v1.0.1 - Added butterfly animation. v1.0.0 - First public release.


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