Morris Haid

Adds support for Bitron devices.

Adds support for Bitron ZigBee devices. Supported devices: - Smart Plug 902010_28 (AV2010/28) - Wall Thermostat with Relais 902010_32 (AV 2010/32) Manual: - - Comments: Bitron or Bitron Video is now part of SMABiT GmbH. Devices are sold also by Qivicon. Some functions others than the basics do not work properly yet. Therefore any kind of support would be helpful to further improve the app.
What's new in v2.0.2
Added support for Homey Energy. Works now with the new AppStore. Small Bugfixes.

Supported devices

Smart Plug 902010/28
Wall Thermostat 902010/32


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Bitron will install on Homey shortly.


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