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DirectAdmin for Homey

Monitor your DirectAdmin servers and domains. Homey will automatically refresh the data every 15 minutes. Supported server statistics (admin only): - License information - Current DirectAdmin version - Number of domains on the server - Number of email accounts (POP) on the server - Number of email forwarders on the server - Number of MySQL databases on the server - Number of resellers on the server - Number of users on the server - Total bandwidth of the server (insights) - Software update available - Operating system Supported domain statistics: - Domain is active - Domain is suspended - Domain bandwidth (insights) - Domain disk usage (insights) - Email accounts - Email disk usage Supported triggers: - When software update is available Supported languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me on Slack. Please report issues and feature requests at the issues section on GitHub. *** Important *** The refresh interval of the data shown for some statistics in the app, depends on how many times a day the stats tally command is executed on the server. By default this is once a day. Please contact your server administrator if you have any questions about this.
What's new in v1.0.1
Added support for the new Homey App Store

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