Aeotec Aeotec

Intelligent automation.

Aeotec features an extensive range of sensors and switches, visible and built-in. And all of them can be directly, wirelessly controlled by Homey.
What's new in v2.3.0
Added support for various devices and improved existing drivers.

Supported devices

Panic Button
Multisensor 4-in-1
Water Sensor
Garage Door Controller Gen5
Multisensor 4-in-1 Gen5
Smart Switch
Heavy Duty Smart Switch
Siren Gen5
Key Fob
Recessed Door Sensor
Home Energy Meter Gen2
Smart Switch 6
LED Bulb 5
Smart Dimmer 6
Multisensor 6
Nano Dimmer
Door/Window Sensor 6
Nano Switch (ZW116)
Range Extender 6
Door/Window Sensor Gen5
LED Strip
Water Sensor 6
Wallmote Duo
Wallmote Quad
Dual Nano Switch (ZW132)
Nano Switch (ZW139)
Dual Nano Switch (ZW140)
Nano Shutter V2
Nano Shutter V3
Doorbell 6
Indoor Siren 6
Smart Switch 7
Recessed Door Sensor 7 (ZW187)
Range Extender 7
LED Bulb 6 MW
Namomote Quad
Door and Window Sensor 7
aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Door and Window Sensor 7 PRO
Water Sensor 7 Pro


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