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Aeotec devices for Homey

This app adds support for Aeotec devices in Homey. Changelog: v2.0.36 - Corrected Australian device IDs. - Fixed tamper alarm for Water Sensor 6. ### v2.0.35 - Corrected ZWave IDs for Door/Window Sensor 5 and Smart Dimmer 6. v2.0.33/34 - Added Door/Window Sensor 7 - Fix power measurement for Nano devices and Heavy Duty Smart Switch. - Nano devices now changes their status corresponding to the physical buttons. v2.0.30/32 - Added Z-Wave ID’s. v2.0.29 - Small fixes v2.0.27/28 - Enhancements to Home Energy Meter - Enhancements to door/window sensors v2.0.24/26 - Fixes motion alarm on the DSB05 Multisensor 4-in-1 v2.0.23 - Fixes device icons not showing v2.0.22 - Fixes for Garage Door Controller Gen5 v2.0.21 - Fixes Door/Window Sensor Gen5 - Meshdriver update v2.0.20 - Added Nano Switch ZW140 v2.0.18 - Fixes for the RGB bulb, re-added the rainbow mode Flow as well v2.0.17 - Dual switches should now update their state in Homey when triggered by hand v2.0.16 - Fixed Flows for the Wallmote Quad - Fixed on/off status for the Heavy Duty Switch v2.0.15 - Fixed an issue with App store compatibility v2.0.1 - 2.0.14 - Bug fixes v2.0.0 - App now fully implemented in SDK2 - Added the following devices: - Water sensor 6 - Heavy duty smart switch 5 - Wallmote duo - LED strip v1.6.5 - Fixed support for DSB45 v1.6.4 - Add AUS product ids - Possible fix for ZW111 dim from Flow v1.6.3 - Fix product image of ZW095 - Home Energy Clamp v1.6.2 - Added productIds for ZW130 - Wallmote Quad and ZW088 - KeyFob - Added support for ZW116 - Nano Switch - Add support for ZW095 - Home Energy Clamp v1.6.1 - Fixed support for ZW139 - Added support for ZW116 as a separate device v1.6.0 - Add support for DSA32 - Panic Button - Add support for ZW111 - Nano Dimmer - Add support for ZW139 - Nano Switch v1.5.2 - ZW100 - MultiSensor 6 update: - Added Tamper Capability (re-pair needed) - Added setting 81 - LED behavior on Alarms (working on Device Firmware v1.8 and higher only) - Cleaned up device settings labels - Update Z-Wave driver to v1.1.8 v1.5.1 - Fix minor bugs for ZW075 - Smart Switch and ZW089 - Recessed Door Sensor v1.5.0 - Add sound selection Flow card for ZW080 - Siren Gen5 v1.4.1 - Fix ZW130 - Wallmote Quad, multiple devices were not checked properly with triggers v1.4.0 - Add support for ZW130 - Wallmote Quad v1.3.0 - Add support for ZW112 - Door/Window Sensor 6 - Add support for ZW117 - Range Extender 6 - Add Power Meter report (%) parameters - ZW075 - ZW096 - ZW099 v1.2.0 - Coding Clean-up - More Default Configuration fixes - Calibrations ZW100 now user friendly - Add Power Meter capability: (Re-Pair needed) - ZW075 - ZW096 - ZW099 v1.1.1 - Fix default configuration (all drivers) - Add Keyfob mobile card (for battery) v1.1.0 Add Support: - ZW088 - Keyfob - ZW098 - LED Bulb (RGBW Functionality)

Supported devices

Panic Button
Multisensor 4-in-1
Water Sensor
Garage Door Controller Gen5
Multisensor 4-in-1 Gen5
Smart Switch
Heavy Duty Smart Switch
Siren Gen5
Key Fob
Recessed Door Sensor
Home Energy Meter Gen2
Smart Switch 6
LED Bulb
Smart Dimmer 6
Multisensor 6
Nano Dimmer
Door/Window Sensor 6
Nano Switch (ZW116)
Range Extender 6
Door/Window Sensor Gen5
LED Strip
Water Sensor 6
Wallmote Duo
Wallmote Quad
Dual Nano Switch (ZW132)
Nano Switch (ZW139)
Dual Nano Switch (ZW140)
Door/Window Sensor 7 (ZWA008)


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