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Whether you’re looking for smart holiday decorations or need something extra for your everyday smart lighting, Twinkly’s stunning product line can get you far.

The company sells a variety of smart lights – and by variety, we mean strings, strips, tubes, clusters, festoon lights, and even pre-lit Christmas trees. This outstanding lineup provides the right ambiance for any holiday or special occasion, and Twinkly has rightfully ruled the smart decoration game for a few years now. 

Their big selling point? Map each LED in their strings & clusters using your smartphone, then customize the color and brightness of each individual light. That means you can design & create the perfect lighting effect for any occasion, or pick from a library of animated effects and have them come to life. Check out the How it Works page from Twinkly to see more.

Fortunately, you can take it even further with the Twinkly App for Homey. Homey allows you to connect your Twinkly lights with other smart home devices from hundreds of supported brands. Achieve smooth home automation and connect Twinkly lights with your sound system, security alarm, or simply just the time of day.

Make your house lit 🔥

Homey Flows help your Twinkly products work in sync with other smart devices you already have. Feel like Netflix & chill tonight? Create a Flow that turns on your Samsung TV, closes the IKEA roller blinds, and starts an ambient Twinkly scene that will get you in the right mood. 

With smart remotes or buttons made by Philips, Fibaro, or Xiaomi / Aqara, you can be ready to kick back and relax with a single press of a button. You might also consider adding a motion or contact sensor to control the lighting, automatically trigger the lights by using  Zone Activity.

If you feel like having a romantic dinner with your partner, set up the atmosphere by dimming the Twinkly lights, add a Rituals scent to the air, and have Spotify play your favorite jazz playlist. Sounds nice, right?

Get the full Twinkly experience with Homey

Twinkly lets you have lots of fun with smart lighting, but when it comes to complete home automation, Homey helps you stay creative and flexible at all times. Imagine that every year on their birthday, your family members wake up to a beautifully lit house and a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home wishing them all the best. 

Twinkly lights and Homey will also serve you well on any regular day. For example, you can turbo-charge your morning routine by having a weather forecast show up on Twinkly just as you wake up. Homey will assure that it lights up like a thermometer scale or simply indicates the current outdoor conditions.

Alternatively, it’s possible to use your decorative lighting for something completely utilitarian. When you’re traveling and no one’s home, start a scene that simulates movement indoors between sunset and sunrise. This will discourage potential burglars from breaking in.

Smart home solutions for any space

Twinkly products are suitable for various types of interiors and exteriors, no matter if you’re into more traditional design or follow the latest trends. If the former is the case, you can hide a Twinkly light strip in a recess or behind furniture, to achieve a more conservative but still stylish look. If you’re more adventurous, go wild with a Twinkly line, shaping it in any way you prefer to create ever-changing images.

Twinkly has plenty of lighting solutions for everyone’s home, explore all the possibilities.

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