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Introducing Talks with Homey

Introducing Talks with Homey

At Athom, our mission is to connect everything in your home. And we're quite successful with already over 20.000 devices supported by Homey. However, with every achievement a new challenge presents itself.

Many Homey users ask us for advice on which devices to buy when they want to automate their home. Luckily, we know a lot about many connected devices. It's been our core business for the past few years, and we're always happy to help. However, our time is limited. And as a company we strive to create scalable solutions that have a positive impact on as many people possible.

Make a truly Smart Home with Talks with Homey

Today we launch Talks with Homey, a product-comparison tool for smart home devices. We selected various products for every category. Of course, every product is guaranteed to be Homey-compatible.

With this new tool we hope that many of our existing and new users will find it easier and more fun to connect even more devices at home, and realise their dream of a true smart home!

Go check it out at www.talkswithhomey.com.


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