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Tuya devices

A implementation of [TuyAPI] (https://github.com/codetheweb/tuyapi/) for use with homey. Basic Usage See the setup instructions for how to find the needed parameters. Once these parameters (ID and Key) are known you can use this information to create a device in homey to communicate with the Tuya cloud network without the use of IFTT. Warning: This app is not plug and play finding the ID and Key needed tot communicate with the tuya cloud takes some doing. 📝 Notes - Only one TCP connection can be in use with a device at once. If using this, do not have the app on your phone open. - Some devices ship with older firmware that may not work with tuyapi. If you’re experiencing issues, please try updating the device’s firmware in the official app.
What's new in v1.1.6
releasenote change and added old notes to change json

Supported devices

LSC Smart Power Plug
LSC Smart Filament LED
LSC Smart LED Light Strip
ANCCY Shutter Timer Switch
NEO SmartPlug 2000W
AOFO WiFi Smart Power Strip
NEO SmartPlug 3600W


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