Novy Intouch v2

Harrie de Groot

Control your Novy Intouch hood

Novy Intouch Driver V2 With this app you can manage your Novy Intouch devices via Homey. Installation After installing the app on your Homey, add your Novy Intouch system by pairing the device. Just follow the on-screen instructions… If the device is added: CHECK THE DEVICE SETTINGS to ensure the internal state is correct (see below). Mobile A mobile card with on/off button, dimming slider & light switch is available to control the device. - on/off button controls the device state and can be configured via Settings (see below). - slider controls the motor speed level - light switch controls the lights The mobile card also contains a sensor displaying the current motor speed level. Settings The app allows you to control the following device settings: - On/off action: hood & light | light only | hood only - Run-out mode: enabled/disabled - Light state: on/off (see explenation below) - Speed level: Current motor speed level (see explenation below) Flow support Commands - Device: on, off, toggle & off with run-out mode (10 min.) - Light: on, off & toggle - Motor speed: increase, decrease, off, level 1, level 2, level 3, POWER level Triggers There are triggers defined for all the above commands Conditions No conditions defined yet (coming soon…) Actions There are actions defined for all the above commands Internal state IMPORTANT: Novy Intouch does not specify seperate signals for on and off actions (only a toggle signal is available). Therefore Homey has to keep an internal state for on/off, light & motor speed level. This internal state is used to be able to send seperate commands for on, off & speed level. The internal state is updated on: 1. Pressing buttons on the Novy Intouch remote (Homey receives a signal). 2. Triggers from the app (Mobile card) 3. Flow triggers & actions 4. Manual override via Settings The internal state is NOT updated when: 1. Pressing buttons on the device (i.e. hood) 2. Remote signal is not detected 3. Device safety measures (e.g. overheating) 4. Timeouts (for now…to be implemented) 5. Other unknown reasons… TODO - Flow conditions - Keep track of Auto-Stop timeout (security measure, hood (not light) is turned off after 3 our of inactivity) - Keep track of POWER level timeout => reduced to speed level 3 after 6 minutes - Setting to override run out timeout (< 10 minutes) - Setting to override auto-stop timeout (< 3 hours) - Setting to override power timeout (<6 minutes) - Handle light dimming (continues press) - Create seperate device for the Intouch Remote Change log - V2.0.3 [2019-02-03]: Resolved speed level BUG - V2.0.2 [2018-09-05]: Resolved App store crash - V2.0.1 [2018-09-04]: Bug fixes - V2.0.0 [2018-08-26]: Initial release Final note The repository is available at: If you like the app, consider a donation to support development :beer: [Donate]

Supported devices

Novy Intouch hood


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