Niels de Klerk

This app adds support for HDANYWHERE's MHUB multiroom hdtv matrix systems.

This app adds support for HDANYWHERE’s MHUB multiroom hdtv matrix systems. MHUB Sometimes you’ll hear multiroom systems called HDMI over Cat 5e or 6 matrixes…. but that’s a really ugly and unintuitive name, so we went with multiroom systems. Watch and control all your HDMI entertainment devices and set top boxes on multiple HDTVs simultaneously using a HDanywhere multiroom system. Driver With this app you can control the inputs and outputs, Send uControl commands (ir) to any input/output or use pronto hex to control your inputs/outputs connected devices. Flow Cards: - Power On/Off Mhub system - Send uControl command’s - Send pronto HEX ir codes to any of the inputs/outputs. Usefull links - HDANYWHERE - Store Versions 0.1.1 - Updated hdamhub module, fixed prontoHex

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HDANYWHERE MHUB will install on Homey shortly.


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