Johan Bendz

Provides Homey with UV index forecast

This app adds support for Global UV Index Forecast data from OpenUV. - The app also include “safe minutes in the sun” based on Fitzpatrick skin types. Included devices/features: - UV Index Forecast for today and tomorrow based on Homey geolocation. Recommended UV Index categories for UV Index levels used in the app Low 0-3 Moderate 3-6 High 6-8 Very High 8-11 Extreme 11+ UV Index Data Setting 1: Select a point in time for forecasts (hours ahead). Setting 2: Enter an openUV API key. API key for openUV must be obtained, for free, at After adding the key and saving it you must change the setting “Select forecast” and save it (you can then change back to “Now” if you want). Feedback: - Please post requests in the openUV Forecast topic on the Athom Community forum. - Please report any problems concerning the code in the issues section on Github.

Supported devices

UV index forecast


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