Markus Mahr

Connect your Homey with enigma2 Receivers

This Project allows Control of Enigma2 devices via Homey over TCP/IP Requirements - openWebif needs to be available on the device - Setup of enigma2 App via Homey required. Start Homey App, open the More section, select Apps Menu, open enigma2 entry and Click on “Configure app” Support Overview [ ] = not yet supported [x] = support available when / trigger flowcards [ ] polling required, therefor currently not decided. If you like to put in arguments, visit Athom Community and / condition flowcards [ ] Power is ON [ ] Power is OFF [ ] Radio mode is used [ ] TV mode is used [ ] …to be continued if you have ideas, visit Athom Community and let me know then / action flowcards [x] deep standby mode -> ATTENTION: see below [x] reboot enigma2 software [x] reboot receiver [x] send command as ID (see below for Info) [x] send message -> ATTENTION: see below [x] standby mode [x] standby wake [x] Volume mute [x] Volume set (0% - 100%) [x] Volume unmute [ ] …to be continued if you have ideas, visit Athom Community and let me know Supported Languages [x] 🇳🇱 dutch - Thanks to Martin Timmermans [x] 🇬🇧 english [x] 🇩🇪 german [ ] other Contribute here or file a pull request on GitHub deep standby mode WARNING: After this flowcard is executed you can’t control the box over the Network Interface anymore! Messages During the Input you need to make sure you follow these Format: Type|Timeout|Message inbetween the different Sections no Spaces are required. Here are the different Supported Variables: Type: - 0 = Yes / No (currently only Display, no action yet implemented) - 1 = Info Message - 2 = Plain Message - 3 = Attention Message Timeout: - set it to 0 to be endless displayed or Provide Time in seconds Message: - Type your Text here, to make a new line use in the Text without a Space afterwards. For Supported Devices check the following Due to limited access to all enigma2 enabled devices, i was only able to test the functions at an Dreambox 800HDse and a few less on an VU+ duo2, if any Issues are observed, please file an Issue on GitHub or Post to the Athom Community Forum Topic. 1. Check Google Spreadsheet: Google Spreadsheet Green = Fully Supported empty Green = Not Programmed in this Device 2. Pictures of the Boxes can be found here: OpenWebif Box Pictures 3. Pictures of the Remotes can be found here: OpenWebif Remote Pictures


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