Steinel Z-wave

Ted Tolboom

Adds support for Steinel SmartHome products

Adds support for Steinel Smart Home Z-wave devices made by Steinel Links: Steinel app Athom apps Steinel Github repository NOTE: This app is using HomeyConfig composer. Please file Pull Requests on the development branch of this repository and with respect to the refactored files in /drivers and /config folders. Supported devices (and capabilities) - IS 140-2 Z-wave motion detector (onoff, measureluminance, alarmmotion) - L 180 LED iHF Z-wave Outdoor light (onoff, dim, measureluminance, alarmmotion) - XLED home 2 Z-wave Floodlight (onoff, measureluminance, alarmmotion) - RS LED D2 Z-wave Indoor light (onoff, measureluminance, alarmmotion) Supported Languages: - English - German - Dutch Acknowledgements: This app and driver development has been supported by: - Robbshop by providing the devices for debugging: ## Feedback: Any requests please post them in the Steinel app topic on the Athom Community Forum or contact me on Slack Change Log: v 1.0.3 - Add German inclustion; contribution by Martin Pussamsies v 1.0.2 - Add German language support; contribution by Martin Pussamsies UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.32 v 1.0.1 - Add link to Steinel app topic on UPDATE: - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.25 v 1.0.0 - App store release v 0.1.0 - Update devices to light class (re-inclusion required) - Add sensor capability (custom) flow cards for motion alarm and measure_luminance - Update Homey meshdriver to 1.2.10 v 0.0.4 - Administrative update; add link to community forum topic v 0.0.3 - Removed dimming capability for all but L810 LED iHF device (updated mobile cards) - Check and update all parameters for all devices v 0.0.2 - ~Added dimming capability for all devices~ (update incorrect) - Updated onoff capability to BASIC CC v 0.0.1 - Initial release for testing

Supported devices

IS 140-2 Z-Wave
L 810 LED iHF Z-Wave
RS LED D2 Z-Wave
XLED home 2 Z-Wave


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