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Turn your Homey into a surveillance system

All detected motion and open/closed doors and windows on selected sensors will be seen by Heimdall. All these events will be logged and when Heimdall is in a Surveillance Mode the alarm will be triggered. Supported Languages 🇬🇧English 🇳🇱Nederlands 🇩🇪Deutsch 🇫🇷Français 🇮🇹Italiano 🇸🇪Svenska 🇳🇴Norsk 🇪🇸Español 🇩🇰Dansk Supported Devices • Any device that has motion detection, i.e. Fibaro Motion Sensor, Aeotec MultiSensor, Xiaomi Human Body Sensor etc. • Any device that has contact detection, i.e. Fibaro Door/Window Sensor, Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor etc. • Devices that don't have these capabilities can most likely be integrated by using a Virtual Device. How do I get it to work? • Add a Surveillance Mode Switch. • Select the devices to monitor on the settings page. • Add flows to activate and deactivate the desired Surveillance Mode. • Add a flow with the desired actions when the alarm is triggered. • Add a flow to deactivate the alarm. • Add an Alarm Off Button Please visit the Heimdall topic on the Athom Community Forum for more information, click on Visit forum >> under Community in the grey block below. (Or copy this link and paste it in your browsers address bar: https://community.athom.com/t/heimdall-let-homey-watch-over-your-home/134)
What's new in v2.0.42
No functional changes, resubmission to enable App Store languages

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This app can manage your entire Homey.

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