UniFi Video

Jeroen Brosens

Control Ubiquiti UniFi Video devices with Homey.

Features: Use your UniFi Video cameras as motion alert sensors. Monitor your NVR's health in a dedicated, new NVR device. Supported device models: - UniFi® NVR (Network Video Recorder): - UVC‑NVR - UniFi® Video Camera G3 series: - UVC-G3 - UVC-G3-AF - UVC-G3-DOME - UVC-G3-FLEX - UVC-G3-PRO - UniFi® Video Camera G4 series: - UVC-G4-PRO Note: if you are upgrading from a previous (beta) version, please re-add your devices.
What's new in v1.1.3
Fix missing node dependencies.

Supported devices

Network Video Recorder


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