The New Motion

Jaime Visser

Support for EV charging points.

Unofficial app for The New Motion. Adds support for EV charging points found on Time to develop this app was donated by [Hightech ICT] What’s new? - Stable release - Single connector points have a simpler mobile card Getting started Add a new device for your charging point. The app uses your Homeys location to find the nearest charging points. For now this is in a fixed 1km square around Homeys location. Usage - In the flow editor use the triggers to start a flow when someone starts/stops charging or when there are free connectors. - Use the “Free” connectors tag to check the number of free connectors. Supported devices - All charging points on Special icons for: - The New Motion LoLo - ICU EVE with two connectors - EV-Box - Public chargers (22kw, two connectors) Changelog 1.0.0 - Stable release - Single connector points have a simpler mobile card 0.0.4 - Image for 22kw public chargers - Refactoring and bugfixes 0.0.3 - Available power shown - Price shown - Less dependencies in node_modules 0.0.2 Fix node modules 0.0.1 Very first beta release Beta release

Supported devices

Charge point


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