Bose Devices

Thomas Hebendanz

Adds support for all Bose devices that provide a control api.

Supported Languages 🇬🇧 English 🇩🇪 Deutsch 🇳🇱 Nederlands Supported Devices All Soundtouch enabled devices. Bose Smart Home Devices is currently planned but not available, yet. Features - Power Toggle - Playback Info, Control & Album Artwork - Source Selection - Zone Control - Presets Selection and Storing - Volume and Bass Control - Notifications - Energy Consumption Most features are available in the device UI. Some are exclusively for flows. Everything in more detail can be found on the forum page. Limitations It is currently not possible to temporarily disabled UI elements in the Homey app. Therefor some buttons might not be working depending on what service you are playing. Please check in your Soundtouch app if the button/option is available there before reporting a bug. Only UI controls showing, for the playback source, there can be used in the Homey app as well. Please visit the Bose Devices topic on the Athom Community Forum for more information. Click on Visit Forum under Community in the app info block below.
What's new in v1.2.3
Fixed switching to Bluetooth source; Improved device pre-pairing detection reliability

Supported devices

Soundtouch Device


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