NOS VideoStreams

Bas van den Bosch

Fetches video URLs for NOS streams

Fetches video URLs for NOS streams With this app there’s tags with the URL’s for the latest video-streams which can be used with Chromecast (cast a Video-URL). Since chromecast version 3.1.1 leading spaces are automatically deleted so dragging tags became easier. v 1.2.0 (11-11-2018): * fixed bug 1 (lot of leading spaces were added by NOS * added NOS-sports-channels (there used to be a geo-filter, not anymore) * deleted nieuws in 60 seconden (NOS stopped this long time ago already) v 1.1.1 (11-3-2018): * changes for appstore v 1.1.0 (1-11-17): * only ‘NOS Journaal’, ‘Nieuws in 60 seconden’, ‘Nieuwsuur’, ‘NOS Jeugdjournaal’, some streams are behind a geo-filter. * Refactored some code… * Dutch language v 1.0.0 (31-10-2017): * initial commit


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