Rainforest Automation

Jamie Peake

Adds support for Rainforest Automation devices.

[Rainforest Automation] # RAINFOREST AUTOMATION Adds support for Rainforest Automation gateways. Currently supports Eagle-200 gateways, The eagle-200 has 5 lights on the front. PAIRING In order to pair a new device, you will need your gateway details (found on the bottom of your gateway) and perferablity your gateway should be statically assigned an IP address using your router. [Gateway Details] TESTED This library has been tested connecting to Generic Zigbee Smart Power Meter. FEATURES Power Metering Power Measuring SETTINGS Power Meter Polling Frequency Power Measure Polling Frequency Gateway IP Address LANGUAGES English (Australian) Change Log - 1.0.0-alpha1 Working prototype of pairing devices via the eagle-200 gateway. Note that the actual gateway communication and devices are simulated. - 1.0.0-alpha2 - Integrated with calls to Eagle-200 gateway - Homey.Device working prototype - Use Athom pairing templates rather than custom views. Road Map - 1.0.0-beta - Add new capability for power meter which uses mWh units. - Add new capability for power measure which uses kW units. - New generic power meter device image. - Polish and QAT - 1.0.0 - Stable - 1.1.0 - Add custom error class. - Add additional store too allow ‘power meter’ value to be reset. - Add flow cards - measure power - delivered meter power - received meter power - reset meter power - Add settings - Customise ‘meter power’ - delivered meter power - received meter power - (delivered - received) meter power - 1.2.0 - Add additional devices capabilities. - Switches - Heaters - Pull billing periods

Supported devices

Eagle 200


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