P1 DSMRv4 Board Reader

Tycho Schenkeveld

Reads data from P1 DSMRv4 board van Willem Aandewiel

Introduction This app creates a device which retrieves energy statistics from a Dutch Smart Meter interface board from Willem Aandewiel. This board can be found here: https://opencircuit.nl/Product/15031/Slimme-meter-uitlezer-V4-bouwpakket-met-ESP-12 and complete documentation here: https://mrwheel.github.io/DSMRloggerWS/ The app retrieves the statistics every few seconds (which can be configured) from an IP (can also be configured). This app is a fork of https://github.com/koktaildotcom/com.p1.smartmeter Usage of the Homey app 1. Install the app com.p1.dsmr. 2. Add device DSMR smart meter. 3. Configure IP and retrieval frequency Note: You need to restart the app when you change the retrieval frequency. The IP will be updated on every attempt.

Supported devices

P1 DSMRv4 Board Reader


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