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Oomi devices for Homey

THE LED BULB DOES NOT WORK WITH THIS APP. THE PROBABLE REASON IS A FAULTY FIRMWARE. THE BULB IS RECOGNIZED AS A BATTERY DEVICE. THEREFORE HOMEY DOES NOT SEND COMMANDS TO THE BULB. I TRIED WORKARROUNDS WHICH UNFORTUNATELY DON’T WORK. I HAVE CONTACTED ATHOM AND OOMI ABOUT THIS PROBLEM, THERE IS NO SOLUTION YET. This app adds support for Oomi devices in Homey. More devices will be added later. Please send me a message if you want a specific device to be added. You can write me a message at Athom Community [@mapulu](https://community.athom.com/new-message?username=mapulu&title=Oomi-App&body=) Changelog: 1.0.4 Added Homey Energy Meshdriver Update 1.0.3 New device (Mote) 1.0.2 New Devices + Minor changes on multisensor + debug 1.0.1 Added New Devices + IDs 1.0.0 First initial version

Supported devices

LED Bulb
Multisensor 6
In-Wall Dimmer
Door/Window Sensor 6
LED Strip
In-Wall Switch
Dual In-Wall Switch


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