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NodOn Z-Wave devices for Homey

This app adds support for NodOn Z-Wave devices in Homey. Supported Devices: - Octan Remote - Button Sequence and Scene triggers for all 4 buttons. - Soft Remote - Button Sequence and Scene triggers for all 4 buttons. - Wall Switch - Button Sequence and Scene triggers for both switches (in both directions). - Smart Plug. - Micro Smart Plug. Scene Triggers: - Single Press - Double Press - Long Press (1x / 5x per second) - Long Press Released Supported Languages: - English - Dutch (Nederlands) Notes: BATTERY DEVICES, SAVING SETTINGS: For battery devices it’s best to press a button 2 seconds Before pressing the save button. This will make it 100% sure the device takes the new settings (immediately). MICRO SMART PLUG, INDICATOR: The LED indicator on the Micro Smart Plug goes on again when power was lost. Unfortunately I can not synchronize this in the settings automatically. It will be resend to the device on app (re)start, or you can do it manually in the settings. SEQUENCES: Sequence’s buttons can be separated by a comma ( , ) or a semicolon ( ; ). The buttons/switches themselves are in number, ranging from 1 to 4, going from left to right, top to bottom respectively. Change Log: 2.0.3: - [Smart Plug] fix the app crashing when triggering on “power lost”. - Fix all icons not showing in the app. - Update meshdriver 2.0.2: - Visual improvements for Homey V2 (still need to do icons) - Update meshdriver Micro Smart Plug: - Fix a few settings their range - Removed the deprecated reset meter card 2.0.1: Octan Remote, Soft Remote and Wall Switch: - Add (software based) sequence support. - Add 1x trigger for the “held down” scene (5x per second was already there). 2.0.0: - Rewrite to SDKv2 Rest of the change log can be found here.

Supported devices

Micro Smart Plug
Octan Remote
Smart Plug
Soft Remote
Wall Switch


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