Harmony Hub

Roy Kokkelkoren

Homey and the Harmony Hub are better together!

Expand Homey with the power of the Logitech Harmony Hub. Connect your favorite devices and activities with Homey and use them in your own flows. Never miss your favorite show? Automatically turn on your Watch TV activity at the time it airs, or turn everything off around midnight. The possibilities are endless when you expand Homey with the Harmony Hub app!
What's new in v2.0.9
Update websocket dependency to latest version, fix title errors
Homey Pro
Homey beta

Supported devices

Harmony activity
Harmony device

Flow cards

Click on a device above to show related Flow cards only.


Harmony device
Turned on
Harmony device
Turned off
Harmony Hub
Activity starting
Harmony Hub
Activity started
Harmony Hub
Activity stopped
Harmony Hub
Hub inactive for ...


Harmony device
Is turned on
Harmony Hub
Select your harmony hubActivity is equal to Activity to compare


Harmony device
Turn on
Harmony device
Turn off
Harmony device
Toggle on or off
Harmony device
Send command Control groupCommandRepeat
Harmony Hub
Start Select your harmony hubActivity
Harmony Hub
Stop activity on Select your harmony hub


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