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Adds support for Heiman Smart Home products

Adds support for Heiman Smart Home products (Z-wave series)   #### Currently supports the following devices - HS1SA-Z - Smart Smoke Sensor - HS1CA-Z - Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - HS1CG-Z - Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - HS1HT-Z - Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor - HS1MS-Z - Smart Motion Sensor - HS2SKm-Z - Smart Metering Plug - HS2SK-Z - Smart Plug - HS2WD-Z - Smart Sound and Flash Siren   #### Release notes 1.0.6 - Added support for Smart Combustible Gas Sensor 1.0.4 - Added German - Update Meshdriver - Added support for Abus Smart Smoke Sensor which is a rebranded HS1SA-Z - Smart Smoke Sensor 1.0.3 - Description update 1.0.2 - Added support for Smart Motion Sensor, Smart Metering Plug, Smart Plug and Smart Sound and Flash Siren 1.0.1 - Added support for Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor and Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1.0.0 - Initial version   #### Credits Thanks a lot to Ted Tolboom for great contribution to this app!

Supported devices

Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Smart Combustible Gas Sensor
Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Smart Motion Sensor
Smart Smoke Sensor
Smart Plug
Smart Metering Plug
Smart Sound and Flash Siren


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