Send SMS

Robin Gruijter

Homey app to send text messages over SMS

A small Homey app to send text messages via a choice of over 80 SMS providers. In this age of IoT there is still a need to send messages by SMS. This small app supports about 80 SMS providers: 46elks, AspSMS, BulkSMS, Clickatell, CM Direct, Messagebird, TargetSMS, Twilio and Spryng: These are paid SMS services where you need an account TextBelt: Unfortunately the free sending of SMS is not working anymore. You now need to buy credit to use it. DellMont: This includes more than 60 voipservices like Voipbuster, Freecall, Cheapvoip, etc. These are paid services, so you need an account and credit to use it. Also for these providers some numbers might not be reachable. After setting up the SMS-service provider you want to use, you have the possibility to send messages via an action flow card. Known limitations: TargetSMS uses an API that sends the message requests as clear text unsecure over the internet. The other SMS providers use the secured https method. You can only set/use one SMS provider at the same time. Donate: If you like the app you can show your appreciation by posting it in the forum, and if you really like it you can buy me a beer. Feature requests can be placed on the forum. [Paypal donate] =============================================================================== Version changelog: changelog.txt


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