Send SMS

Robin Gruijter

Homey app to send text messages over SMS

A small Homey app to send text messages via a choice of over 80 SMS providers. After setting up the SMS-service provider you want to use, you have the possibility to send messages via an action flow card. * 46elks * AspSMS * BulkSMS * Clickatell * CM Direct * Free Mobile (fr) * Gatewayapi * Messagebird * SendInBlue * TargetSMS * Twilio * Spryng * Textbelt * DellMont: This includes more than 60 voipservices like Voipbuster, Freecall, Cheapvoip, etc.
What's new in v3.0.3
Fix empty settings 46Elks.

Flow cards


Send SMS
Send an SMS Number Text


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