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monitor and control plugwise circles via Plugwise2py

Homey app to connect plugwise circles via Plugwise-2-py. This tool, developed by Seven Watt, can be used as an alternative for Plugwise Source. It runs on all devices that support python, such as your NAS or a raspberry pi. Homey functionality Device Card in browser and on mobile app: * Switch on or off * See real-time power usage (Watts, 8 seconds average) * See total power meter of circle (kWh) Insights: * Switched on or off * Power usage (W, production is negative Watts) * Power meter (kWh) Trigger Flow Cards: * Switched on or off * Power usage change * Power meter change Condition Flow Cards: * Switched on or off Action Flow Cards: * Switch on or off * Toggle on or off Setting up the PW2PY server A manual for setting it up on a rpi is provided on Plugwise-2-py. To make it work properly with Homey you must do some base settings within PW2PY: * Enable 10-seconds monitoring: this should be enabled * Enable logging form Circle internal metering buffers: this should be enabled * Log interval: I advise to set this to 60 minutes * Schedules: can be used to switch a circle to powersaving mode automatically * Always on: enable this for circles that must not be switchable from Homey * Production: enable this for circles that measure production (e.g. solar panel) Setting up Homey After setting up PW2PY you can configure Homey to connect to it. Go to the app settings screen and enter the IP address of the PW2PY-MQTT server that you are using. Circles can then be added through the Devices tab of Homey. After pairing a circle you can set the polling interval per circle in the device settings (minimum 10 seconds). Donate: If you like the app you can show your appreciation by posting it in the forum. If you really like it you can buy me a beer, or coffee, or whatever you like :) [Paypal donate] =============================================================================== Version changelog: changelog.txt

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