Marcel Timmermans

Air Quality for Dutch Provinces

Air Quality for Dutch Provinces from the site luchtmeetnet. Explanation LKI The air quality index card (LKI) is the sum of the most important air pollutants. Dutch: De luchtkwaliteitsindex-kaart (LKI) is een optelsom van de belangrijkste luchtverontreinigende stoffen. The app will search for your closes station that measures your air quality. It will check every 30 minutes for the latest values. However most stations update every hour and some even every 3 hours. Possible use, the way I use it is that when the Air Quality is bad (and I am close to a station) I will switch off the central ventilation unit until the air is good again :) Triggers There are several triggers that will fire depended on the air quality. Global Tokens The LKI is available as global token. The lastupdate time of the LKI measure by the station is also available. TO-DO Several confitions More measurements of different substance


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