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Warning: This will work fine on philips devices produced before late 2019, Philips changed their firmware and protocol from http to COAP and I don't have a test device to make the required changes. Added support for Philip AIR purifiers, it should work for all the philips air devices but we tested it on - AC5659/10 air purifier - AC3259/10 air purifier - AC3829/10 Humidifier and air purifier Purifier ( + Humidifier ) Device For adding the device you need to provide Philips device ip address plus Homey has to be on the same network as your purifier. When there is a powerloss or the purifier was restarted then also the device need to be re-added in the homey app, this is because the shared key between the purifier and homey is added only once. Refresh trigger Every 2 minutes this app will poll for the latest purifer status. Actions - onoff, Power - light_intensity, Light level ring - button_lights, Display enabled - purifier_mode, Purifier mode - display_mode, Display mode - child_lock, Child lock - fan_speed, Fan speed - target_humidity ( 40,50,60 0r -- only Humidifier) - func_mode ( purifier or both -- only Humidifier) Sensors - latest_retrieval_date - measure_pm25 - measure_iaql - measure_tvoc - measure_humidity ( only Humidifier) - measure_temperature ( only Humidifier) - water_level ( only Humidifier) - pre_filter_clean - carbon_filter_replace - herpa_filter_replace - product Flows triggers - measure_pm25_changed - measure_iaql_changed - measure_tvoc_changed - measure_humidity_changed ( only Humidifier) - filter_replace_clean ( 1 hour timeout ) conditions - score_pm25 with good, fair, poor and verypoor - score_iaql (allergen) with good, fair, poor and verypoor actions - on - off - purifier_mode - fan_speed Thanks Special thanks to Radoslav Gerganov for reverse enginering and security work. For more info see the following links - -
What's new in v0.0.22
Refactor some more code

Supported devices

Purifier and Humidifier


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