Mosquitto MQTT client

Johan Kuster

Publish/subscribe messages to Mosquitto

This app makes it possible to subscribe to messages available on a message broker. Messages can also be published on the message broker. The app has a trigger with an argument where you have to define the topic you are subscribing to. There is a token “message” that will contain the message received. There is an Action where a message on a topic can be send to the broker. In the app setting an URL where the broker can be found must be entered. Format is like At the moment I assume that the broker is in your local network, probably installed on a Raspberry Pi together with Node-red :wink:. Because there is a kind of chicken and egg problem here, you need to reboot/unplug the homey after you have defined the URL and first active trigger. A new trigger will work after any other active trigger was triggered. Of course you could also restart your Homey. What works: - Multiple topics, triggers and actions can be used - The same topic can be used more than once - works for Mosquitto MQTT broker but probably also for any other broker that supports MQTT. What doesn’t: - Use brokers that require username/password - Starting from scratch without restarting Homey Future enhancements: - Support username password - More than one broker? - No reboot necesarry


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