Novy Intouch

Ralf van Dooren

Control Novy Intouch damper systems

Novy intouch With this app you can manage your Novy Intouch damper system via Homey. Notice: currently, only toggling lights connected to your Novy Intouch damper is supported Settings After installing the app on your Homey, add your Novy Intouch system by pairing the device. Flow support Triggers - When light command is received Conditions No conditions defined at this moment Actions - Send light command Please note: there is no specific on or off setting; The Novy Intouch light will just toggle the current mode. Unfortunately, there is no way for Homey to know the state of the light (on or off) Speech No speech support at this moment Acknowledgement Testing done by ‘Wingleader’ Donate If you like the app, consider a donation to support development [Paypal donate] Limitations - You cannot turn off or turn on the light, only toggle it - Turning on/off the actual damper system is not supported yet, this is under development and will come in a future version. ToDo - Support of damper system ( increase / decrease damper speed , delayed turn off, etc ) - Translation to NL Known bugs None Unknown bugs Yes ;-) Changelog - V0.0.3 2017-06-05 : Update sensitivity_level to new Homey requirements - V0.0.2 2016-12-08 : First release to app store

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Novy Intouch


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