Homey as Zigbee hub

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A Zigbee hub or Zigbee bridge is the heart of your smart home. It’s the central point for all your Zigbee devices to talk to, and connects Zigbee devices to your Wi-Fi network, your phone and to you.

Zigbee networks need a Zigbee hub when they want to be connected to the internet, or controlled from your phone. It’s the hub that can add new products to your Zigbee network, and runs your home automation schemes. That’s why many popular Zigbee brands like Philips Hue, IKEA and Xiaomi Aqara also release a Zigbee hub, although their functionality as a hub is often quite limited. Homey is also a Zigbee hub, as Zigbee is one of the six wireless technologies in Homey.

Choosing a universal Zigbee hub is very beneficial when you are creating a smart home. Especially as most Zigbee hubs from the brands above are very limited in the devices they support, especially if they are not from the same brand. The Zigbee hub determines the device compatibility of your system. At the same time, it is the interface for your home. That is why we recommend to choose a versatile hub, with extended device support as well as a friendly app interface. Price differences between Zigbee hubs may seem stark at first, but compared to your whole home they are not that big. As the hub is the heart of your installation and you will use it for years, saving here might not be the best idea.

Homey is a Zigbee hub, as well as a universal controller
Homey is an example of a versatile Zigbee hub

Zigbee hub possibilities of Homey

Homey holds a lot of powerful Zigbee possibilities. Through its open app platfom, Homey has support for all major Zigbee brands like IKEA, Philips Hue, Xiami Aqara, Osram, Innr and Trust Smart Home, as well as a lot of smaller, lesser-known brands.

These devices feature device-specific pairing wizards and can be controlled anywhere in the world through the Homey app. All of their features are integrated, including energy measurements and advanced parameters, unlike most other Zigbee hubs. All Zigbee devices in Homey can be included in your Homey Flows for home automation.

More than Zigbee

Homey is not just one of the most versatile Zigbee hubs. By also featuring Z-Wave, 433MHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even Infrared, Homey is able to directly bridge the gap between the Zigbee world and many other smart home technologies. As such, it’s very simple to make your Z-Wave motion sensor trigger a Zigbee light bulb, for instance. And your TV, Sonos, IKEA light bulbs and Somfy can all work in sync when you press the Fibaro Button.

The Homey smartphone app allows for easy management of all things Zigbee and non-Zigbee

The smartphone app sets Homey further apart from other Zigbee hubs. Options in the app extend far from simple lighting control, what most Zigbee hubs focus on. Designed for everyday use, the Homey app also packs all the advanced features of Homey and Zigbee. User management, device pairing, Flow automation, Zigbee advanced device settings and energy management are just some examples of Homeys mobile capabilities.

Another big differentiator is Homey’s open app platform. Every integration in Homey is an app, just like apps on your smartphone. Apps are created, updated and released almost daily, expanding Homey’s capabilities. This creates a better experience for Zigbee devices. It allows rapid development and inclusion of devices on other technologies, like your Audio system.

Together, they make Homey so much more than a potent Zigbee hub. That’s why we invite you to discover the world of Homey.

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