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A Smart Home Hub is a hub that lets smart home devices talk and work together. A true smart home enables creativity. It allows your home to do exactly what you want it to. Make your home more secure and personal. But the drawback is that you are quickly running into problems once you start upgrading your home to the smart home of your dreams. There are a lot of smart devices, from different brands and manufactures. For example, you could have a smart TV from Samsung, a speaker from Sonos and a Thermostat from Nest. chances are that you want them all working together. And in order to accomplish that, you will need a Smart Home Hub.

What is a Smart Home Hub?

A Smart Home Hub, such as Homey, is a hub that speaks all the languages necessary to let all your favourite smart devices talk and work together.

It combines all the functionalities of your devices into one Smart Home System. Look at it as a universal remote control for every brand and technology. You don’t have to worry about which App controls what device, or what remote control belongs to what gadget. Everything is controllable and works in perfect harmony within one single Smart Home System. The benefit of that is that you are no longer limited to the brands and technology you already own. It gives you the freedom of choice to choose any smart home device that fits your needs. Even though it is from a different brand or manufacture.

smart home hub

Your smart home in your hand

We get it – you don’t want to take a crash course in different smart home technology to get everything to work. You don’t want to brush up on your programming skills in order to turn on the lights.

A Smart Home Hub has the sole mission to take care of that. To unburden you of all the technical know-how and to bridge the gap between you and your smart home devices.

At Athom, we understand that your wishes and needs are different from those of anybody else. That’s why we’ve made Homey, the smart home hub that can connect with practically every smart device out there, and that is easy to use. So that you, and anybody else, can get the smart home of their dreams. You just focus on the fun part: searching for your next purchase that fits your needs. Homey will take care of the rest.

The best part? You don’t need fancy installations. Just your Homey and the Homey Smartphone App. Your whole home can literally fit in your hand.

smart home hub

Homey, everything at home connected

Chances are that a Smart Home Hub is not compatible with all your favorite devices. For instance, a Smart Home Hub that supports technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth, but not other technologies like 433 MHz or infrared. That can be quite frustrating, because you are still limited to a specific technology. That is where Homey stands out. Our goal is to make technology easy and fun again, by replacing every remote control or bridge in your home. Homey supports every wireless standard, from Wi-Fi to Z-Wave and many more smart home technologies. Making it the most advanced Smart Home Hub out there!

Homey Flows

Isn’t it magical to wake up with your favorite music, to monitor your home from anywhere in the world or to come home in comfort and style. Homey and your favorite smart devices lets you do that. With Homey, you are no longer limited to use the functionalities of just one device. Now, you might wonder, how can you do this? Well, it’s easy to connect all your devices to the Homey Smartphone App. From there on out, you are in charge.

Create scenarios or also called Homey Flows. Homey Flows are scenarios where you define “When this happens, then do that”. Or, a simple way to put it: When it is time to wake up, then play my favorite music and turn on the lights in the bedroom.

Think of all the wonderful things you can make your smart home do for you. It’s time to get creative!

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