The new Homey — Beta Status

The new Homey — Beta Status

Welcome, and thank you for being part of the Homey Public Beta!

This page will be updated frequently to reflect the status of the new Homey & Homey Bridge.

Homey Premium

During the first part of the beta, all accounts are treated as if they were subscribed to Homey Premium.

Nearing the end of the beta, Homey Premium will become available for purchase. Please keep this into account.

Regional Availability

The new Homey will roll out to new regions over time. A region close to you is important for a fast experience.

Known Issues

⚠️ Philips Hue devices might be out-of-sync. We are working with Signify on a solution.
⚠️ While operating 433 Mhz or Infrared devices, you might encounter a “Coprocessor Not Connected” error.
⚠️ After adding 5 to 6 Zigbee end devices, it might not be possible to add new Zigbee devices to Homey.
⚠️ Fibaro devices regularly produce a "Driver Unavailable" error.

Found an issue? Please report it here.

Latency Test

This test automatically finds the closest region, and shows your latency. Make sure you're visiting this webpage on your home's Wi-Fi network.


A latency of less than 50 ms is great.
A latency of less than 100 ms is okay.
A latency of more than 100 ms is bad, you will notice delays.


These are the apps that are currently available on the new Homey.

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