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Create Flows to turn your air conditioner on and off, set schedules and more. Control your WYFY devices through Homey and interact with the brands and devices you already have at home. 

WYFY (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a technology company that is focused on bringing quality, designed in Singapore IOT products with local certifications to the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets. They believe in introducing smart home concepts step by step instead of a big bang approach.

Smarter control of your Infrared appliances

WYFY aims to simplify smart homes not only through technology but also by bringing simple concepts. With this philosophy in mind, they've launched the WYFY Beam, a smart AC controller that instantly injects the “smartness” to the appliances that you already have.

The WYFY Beam connects with Homey through your Wi-Fi network and works with any appliances that use Infrared remote like your television, fan or air conditioner. Once it is up and running, you can immediately create Flows with other devices from brands such as IKEA Trådfri, Aeotec or Somfy. Turn your air conditioner on and off through the Homey app and manage your lighting and sensors together with the Beam to unlock even more possibilities.

Expand your smart home

In 2020, WYFY will also be launching lighting controls as well as working with established manufacturers of ceiling fans and motorised window coverings to offer a complete smart home solution. Check out all the supported WYFY Singapore devices at the Homey App Store.

Just connect your WYFY device to Homey and unlock more possibilities to control your entire home from one single app.

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