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Homey can do many things at once, taking care of your lights, climate, and clean-up while guarding your household. To help with the latter, try pairing your Homey with a smart lock by tedee to increase your home’s safety and comfort instantly.

A tedee smart lock can secure your front door and every indoor lock, such as the one leading to a study or storage. By default, it can be locked and unlocked with a dedicated mobile app – as if controlling the door with a remote. However, with the tedee App for Homey, you’ll have many more actions and possibilities at hand.

For instance, you can trigger all kinds of home automation when the lock status changes or when a specific person arrives or leaves.

Enter in a new way

A tedee smart lock can be installed on the inside of your door, on a dedicated modular cylinder or adapter. The offered hardware is compatible with all Euro-type locks on the market, as well as Nordic and Swiss mechanisms. It offers a sleek design, small profile, and premium finish for which tedee received an iF Design Award. 

To gain access to all features, including remote control and integration with Homey, it’s necessary to connect your lock with a tedee smart bridge. The bridge is a small device plugged into an electric socket up to 2m away from the door that connects both to your lock and local Wi-Fi. 

Say goodbye to your regular lock

Installing Tedee’s smart lock yourself is straightforward – simply mount it on the inside of your door, connect it to the bridge, and pair it with Homey. 

The lock’s battery runs for as long as 14 months on a single charge with moderate usage, so you won’t have to think about charging the device. On top of that, when the day comes, Homey will remind you to recharge the battery to keep your lock up and running. The included magnetic charger lets you power the lock without taking it off the door.

With a setup like that, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your keys or getting locked out. Passing or copying keys will be a thing of the past, too, since tedee and Homey allow you to quickly share access to your smart home with family or guests. You can always specify a user’s precise permissions in the Homey mobile app.

These features provide the optimal way of giving remote access to your family, friends, or Airbnb guests. If you don’t mind, you can remotely unlock the door for the delivery person dropping off a package while you're away, or give temporary access to cleaning or maintenance services.

There’s also a feature of scheduling your lock’s status. For example, automatically unlock it on weekdays at 7:30, when all your family leaves. Then it can always lock itself at 8:00 – so the door is never left unprotected. On the other hand, you can schedule tedee to lock at a given evening hour. No more worrying about the door after going to bed.

Feel more at home with tedee and Homey

Of course, many of us are used to the idea of having a regular lock with keys, and you might feel a little anxious at first. But don’t worry – smart locks undergo rigorous testing, and you can rest assured that you’ll get inside your home or out without a single problem. It’s always possible to use the lock manually, as a doorknob from the inside, or with a traditional key from the outside.

tedee lock’s safety is ensured by multiple digital security technologies, such as those used in online banking. It’s also been certified as a secure smart home device by the independent IT security institute AV Test. 

All in all, the best thing about integrating Homey and tedee is increasing the control over your home security. The Device Timeline in the Homey mobile app will always show you the recent lock activity. At a glance, you’ll know who’s home and who’s away. 

Homey Flows let various devices talk to each other, extending their functionality, and tedee locks are no exception. You can receive automated notifications when certain actions take place. When a guest with temporary access locks the door or when the door is unlocked manually, Homey will ping you or tell your voice assistant to do so. You can also be notified when your kids return home from school.

When you pair a tedee smart lock with your security system, Homey will arm the alarm based on your current location. Homey keeps track of your position with geofencing, so you simply go about your daily business, and your status changes accordingly. 

The same goes for your family. You can set up a Homey flow that will unlock the door when the first family member comes home and lock the door when everyone leaves. On top of that, when there’s no one home, Homey can tell your iRobot Roomba or Xiaomi vacuum to start cleaning the house. By the time you get back, everything will be nice and tidy!

There’s also another potential layer of security. When everyone’s away from home, Homey can also randomly increase or decrease the brightness of your lights to fool burglars into thinking someone’s there. 

Make your smart home helpful

After returning home, Homey can greet you by running a Flow with your favorite lighting scene and starting a music playlist on an Alexa or Google Home smart speaker. Voice assistants can also provide you (or another user) with a customized list of reminders and upcoming calendar events.

Alternatively, you can put your smart video doorbell to good use. Create a Flow that sends a notification to your phone when someone presses the doorbell, including a photo of the person. If it’s someone you recognize – a neighbor, friend, or family member – you can easily unlock the door with a single tap. 

As you can see, there are many ways Homey makes a smart lock work for you and make it truly helpful. Are you interested in trying it out for yourself? Go ahead, get a tedee lock at the Homey Store, and make it cooperate with the rest of your devices.

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