Homey Pro (Early 2023) is now available in Early Access

Athom reinvents Homey as a free service, and introduces Homey Bridge.

At Athom, our mission is to make the smart home easy and fun for everyone.

We have completely reinvented Homey as a free app for everyone, extendable with Homey Bridge for wireless connectivity, and Homey Premium — a subscription-based upgrade for only $ 2.99 per month for an entire household.

Homey is now Free For Everyone

From today forward, Homey will be a free app. Everyone can create their own smart home in the Homey app, connect their smart devices and automate them with Flow — without buying any hardware.

“We have taken the technology that powers Homey, and completely rebuilt it to work in the cloud.”, said Emile Nijssen, Athom’s Creative Director. “Without the upfront requirement to buy any hardware, everyone can now use Homey for free.”


Homey connects 50.000+ smart home devices from 1000+ brands in one easy-to-use app.

Devices can be connected and automated in new and creative ways by creating Flows. Homey Insights displays beautiful charts of any home’s data. Homey Energy helps to gain insights in energy usage and save money.

“Homey is the world’s most versatile smart home experience users didn’t know they missed until they start using it.” said Niels Ruiter, chief designer at Athom.

Homey Premium

New users can experience Homey free of charge, without any hardware or subscription purchase.

The free version is limited to 5 devices. After upgrading to Homey Premium, an unlimited number of devices can be connected. Additionally, Homey Insights and Homey Logic become available.

After the first one-month trial, Homey Premium costs €/$/£ 2,99 per month for an entire household. The whole family can benefit from a single subscription, whilst being sure their privacy is always protected.

“Privacy is our commitment to all of our users. Your home is the most personal space, and we know people don’t want anyone listening in on them. Our business model has always been about creating great products that people love, and selling them at an honest price — we don’t use personal data for profiling or ads.”, states Athom’s Commercial Director Stefan Witkamp.

Homey Bridge

The new Homey works with many cloud-connected devices, such as Philips Hue, Sonos, Spotify and others without the need to buy any hardware.

For non-cloud devices, users can purchase Homey Bridge for €/$/£ 69 to connect their devices from many other brands and technologies using Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433 MHz and Infrared.

While a subscription is not required to use Homey Bridge, Homey Bridge includes three months of Homey Premium for free.

Homey Bridge automatically switches its Z-Wave frequency with a unique multi-antenna design, based on Homey Bridge’s geographical location. Additionally, transmitting 433 MHz is automatically enabled in eligible regions such as Europe and Asia.

Homey Pro

Homey Pro will continue to be available for professional users and installers as a one-time purchase. Homey Pro will keep receiving software and app updates.

Both the new Homey & Homey Pro share the same mobile app, web app and voice assistant integrations. Because they share the same codebase, both Homey & Homey Pro will benefit from new functionalities in the future.


The new Homey is available today in public beta. Users can sign up for a waiting list to ensure a great rollout across the world. Sign up for the beta at https://homey.app/beta

Homey Bridge is available for sale right now at https://homey.app/bridge. Note that an active beta account is required to set-up Homey Bridge.

Learn more about Homey

To learn more about Homey, please visit our website https://homey.app.

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Contact pr@athom.com for more information and to request an interview with Athom’s management.

Press Kit

Visit https://homey.app/press for the Press Kit with high-resolution images of Homey Bridge, Homey Pro and the Homey app.

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